Cold Steel Knife

History of the Cold Steel Knife: A dedication to solid value

A Cold Steel Knife is a real testament to value and quality. Through a dedication to testing and development, each Cold Steel knife is put to rigorous field tests in order to ensure that you end up with the quality knives you desire. In fact, Cold Steel expresses their commitment to quality by standing by each of their products with a satisfaction guarantee.

The line of quality cold steel knives sold at discount prices online at Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies includes a variety of products including Cold Steel machetes and axes along with a broad selection of fixed blade knives and folding and lockback knives. If you are interested in buying a quality Cold Steel knife, our discount prices on these quality knives are sure to please you. With our selection of discount knives for hunting, fishing, camping, and many other outdoor activities, we hope you are able to find all of the quality knives and blades you desire to meet all of your outdoor needs.

Cold Steel Axes and Tomahawks

Cold Steel axes and tomahawks are designed to be tough. The blades are made from heat-treated carbon steel and are tough enough to last. We proudly sell the Cold Steel Bad Axe, with its twin edge design that is perfect for target throwing and utility chopping, at discount prices. In addition, Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies is proud to offer low-prices on several models of Cold Steel Tomahawks including the War Hammer, Trail Boss, Frontier Hawk, and Rifleman's Hawk. These quality tomahawks are drop forged and differentially heat-treated producing a strong tool with a sharp cutting edge.

Price: $21.23
Bad Axe
Price: $42.77
War Hammer
Price: $26.54
Trail Boss

Fixed Blade Cold Steel Knives

At Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies, we offer a wide selection of Fixed Blade Knives. So if you are looking to buy a discount Cold Steel Knife, we are the shop for you. The broad category of Fixed Blade Knifes found for sale on our website includes the following types of quality knives.

  • Hunting and Outdoor Cold Steel Knives – A Fixed Blade Cold Steel Knife designed for hunting and outdoors offers all of the quality and performance you would expect to find in any Cold Steel Knife. We are proud to offer quality Hunting and Outdoor knives at discount prices from Cold Steel.
  • Tactical Cold Steel Knives – A Cold Steel Tactical Knife, such as the Recon Scout, built with a tip that is resistant to bending and breaking will meet many of your tactical needs and surpass expectations.
  • Utility Cold Steel Knives – Utility Cold Steel Knives, including the kitchen knife series and the Urban Pal and Mini Pal, are ideal knives for use in everyday situations.
  • Cold Steel Fighting Knives – The GI Tanto Fighting Cold Steel Knife is scaled down to its bare essentials, making it a great self defense tool for throwing or slashing.
  • Cold Steel Throwing Knives – A Cold Steel Throwing knife offers all of the strength and durability you would expect to find in any Cold Steel Knife. These knifes are made with strong durable carbon steel utility blades that stand up to even the toughest chores.
Price: $14.74
Bird & Trout
Price: $15.33
Pal, Urban
Price: $168.14
Price: $235.99
Tai Pan
Price: $14.74
Super Edge
Price: $13.56
Mini Pal
Price: $42.47
Brave Heart
Price: $58.99
Steel Tiger
Price: $58.99
AK-47 Knife
Price: $235.99
Price: $312.69
Talwar Folder
Price: $383.49
Cold Steel Kukri Knife
Price: $79.64
Tactical Fighting Knife
Price: $5.39
Cruciform Dagger
Price: $13.56
Finn Wolf
Price: $38.34
Battle Ring
Price: $58.99
Boar Hunter
Price: $20.64
GI Tanto
Price: $14.15
Shanghai Shadow
Price: $5.89
FGX Battle Ring
Price: $141.59
Trail Master
Price: $176.99
Gurkha Kukri
Price: $162.24
Laredo Bowie
Price: $112.09
Recon Scout
Price: $58.99
Price: $76.69
Price: $265.49
Pendleton Custom Classic
Price: $4.12
Pocket Shark
Price: $15.92
Training Dagger
Price: $26.54
O Bokken
Price: $11.79
O Tanto Bokken

Folding and Lockback Blade Cold Steel Knives

We sell a number of Folding Cold Steel Knives at discount prices through our website. With features including pocket clips for easy carry and quick access, elegant, functional, and ergonomical designs, and unbreakable blades, Cold Steel folding knives are ideal for almost every situation. Several of the discount folding Cold Steel knives for sale on our website include:

  • Paradox Folding Blade Knife
  • Black Rhino Folding Knife
  • Espada Folding Knife Series
  • Ultimate Hunter Folding Knife
Price: $70.79
Ultimate Hunter
Price: $289.09
Black Sable
Price: $235.99
Black Talon
Price: $259.59
Caledonian Edge
Price: $235.99
Price: $235.99
The Spectre
Price: $38.34
Black Rock Hunter
Price: $67.84
American Lawman
Price: $200.59
Price: $141.59
Price: $277.29
Price: $153.39
Black Rhino
Price: $23.59
Pocket Bushman
Price: $56.04
Price: $76.69
Price: $47.19
Mini Lawman
Recon 1

Cold Steel Machetes

We offer discount prices on Cold Steel Machetes including the Cold Steel Heavy Machete, Panga Machete, Bolo Machete, Two Handed Machete, Double Edge Machete, Kukri Machete, and Magnum Kukri Machete. These Cold Steel Knives are the ultimate survival tools ideal for cutting, slashing, chopping, digging, splitting, hammering and much more. A Cold Steel Machete can even be used to kill fish and small game and gut, scale, and butcher them for the table.

Cold Steel Spears

Cold Steel's line of quality spears are designed for the optimal target throwing experience. With spearheads made from a special heat-treated SK-5 Medium Carbon Steel, Cold Steel spears are designed to flex and bend on impact instead of breaking. We are proud to supply several discount Cold Steel Spears including the Samburu Spear, the Assegai, and the Boar Spear.

Price: $235.99
Hand-And-A-Half Sword
Price: $230.09
Scottish Broad Sword

Cold Steel Swords

Our selection of discount Cold Steel Swords are each artfully designed with blades sharp and tough enough to get the job done. Our replica swords make great decorative pieces but are made with durable Cold Steel engineering which makes these swords battle ready as well. Several of the discount Cold Steel Swords available for purchase online through our website include the Two Handed Great Sword, the Naval Dirk, the Viking Sword, and the Small Sword.

Price: $184.49
Grosse Messer
Price: $116.84
Naval Dirk
Price: $116.84
Scottish Dirk
Price: $261.37
Small Sword
Price: $261.37
Viking Sword
Price: $233.69
Price: $338.24
Two Handed Great Sword
Price: $18.44
Wakazashi Bokken
Price: $276.74
Chinese Sword Breaker
Price: $236.77
Civiliam Saber