Crossbow Case

The last thing anyone wants after buying a new crossbow is to have it scratched or dented. Scratches and dents can impede your crossbow performance and accuracy. Therefore, after purchasing your new crossbow from Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies, you will need to protect the crossbow with a padded crossbow case or sleeve. Damage can occur to your crossbow when traveling in the car, storing your crossbow, or even just carrying your crossbow to and from a hunt. It is important to purchase a durable crossbow case that can stand up to abuse and protect your crossbow from harm. We sell a number of affordable crossbow cases at discount prices so that you can find a protective case for your new crossbow.

Because protection is important, Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies carries a number of discount crossbow cases from the leading manufactures. Excalibur is known for their dedication to manufacturing quality crossbows and crossbow accessories. Because of this passion for the sport, you can be sure that all of the Excalibur Crossbow cases are made tough enough to stand up to the most intense abuse. Allen Cases has been a trusted name in the gun case industry for over 35 years. Therefore, this company can also be trusted to manufacture durable and protective cases for crossbows. If you are looking to buy a new crossbow case, these top manufactures can be trusted to produce quality, durable cases and sleeves to protect your crossbow from damage.

Types of Crossbow Cases

There are a variety of crossbow cases available on the market today including the hard crossbow case, the padded crossbow case, the soft / collapsible crossbow sleeve. Please feel free to browse our selection of discount crossbow cases to find the right case for your needs.

Hard Crossbow Case

Hard crossbow cases are made to take the most abuse and offer the most protection for your bow. Often a hard crossbow case will be lockable, which makes it great for safely storing your crossbow. In addition, several of the locking crossbow cases are airline approved so that you can travel safely with your crossbow. A downside to the hard crossbow case is that it cannot be folded or compacted when not in use. This can be a problem when space is a concern. In addition, a hard crossbow case will tend to be heavier as well, which makes it more difficult for carrying.

Padded Crossbow Case

A padded crossbow case is ideal for transporting your crossbow to and from a hunt or even for storing your crossbow. Most padded crossbow cases are made from durable fabric with at least ½ thick padding for protection. Padded cases for crossbows are easy to carry often designed with carrying straps. We supply the following two durable padded crossbow cases at discount prices.

  • Excalibur Padded Camo Print Crossbow Case: The Padded Camo Print Crossbow Case by Excalibur is ideal for carrying your crossbow to and from your hunting stand with adjustable carrying straps and durable fabric exterior.
  • Excalibur Deluxe Crossbow Case: As our most popular selling crossbow case, the Deluxe Padded Crossbow Case from Excalibur is made of a durable fabric with Realtree AP HD camouflage that will keep you hidden on a hunt.

Soft / Collapsible Crossbow Case

Soft or collapsible crossbow cases work best when carrying your crossbow short distances for a hunt. While a soft crossbow sleeve is unpadded and does not offer protection in extremely rough conditions, it does provide many benefits that make it the perfect tool for carrying your crossbow. A crossbow sleeve, such as the Allen Cases Crossbow Sleeve in Oak Brown Camo is made of a durable Oakbrush camouflage fabric to help keep you hidden. In addition, this lightweight crossbow case is fully collapsible and can easily stay out of the way when folded to a compact size for storage.