Handgun Cases

At Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies, we understand that it is important to protect your firearms both at home and when traveling. Therefore, we supply a variety of sturdy handgun cases, including some airline approved gun cases, made to protect your guns. We sell discount handgun cases that are both hard gun case and soft gun case styles. Our discount gun cases offer a variety of valuable features including locking capabilities and protective foam padding. The following information describes some of the discount handgun cases we supply from leading manufactures.

Pelican Handgun Cases

Pelican has made it their mission to protect all that you value from the time that the company was founded in 1978. Ever since then the company has been growing and expanding their line of products to include a number of quality indestructible gun cases built to stand up to whatever you will put them through. Each of the Pelican handgun cases we supply at discount prices are made tough to protect your firearm in almost any situation. All of the following discount Pelican Handgun cases are watertight, crushproof, and dust proof. Each of these quality cases has a strong and lightweight open cell core with solid wall design. A Pelican Handgun case offers stainless steel hardware so you can be sure the discount Pelican handgun cases you purchase online from our website will last. The following are the Pelican Pistol Cases we supply at low prices:

  • Pelican Protector 1150 Pistol Case
  • Pelican Protector 1300 Pistol Case
  • Pelican Protector 1450 Pistol Case

Vanguard Handgun Cases

You can buy the following Vanguard Handgun Cases at discount prices from Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies:

  • Vanguard Outback Handgun Case and Outback Double Pistol Case: Both of these quality gun cases, sold online at discount prices through Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies offer a key lock, deluxe foam interior, and strong PE construction. They are available with both black and camouflage exteriors.
  • Vanguard Ranger 30 Double Handgun Case: The Ranger gun case manufactured by Vanguard is designed to secure two pistols. This sturdy gun case has an aluminum alloy frame with steel reinforced corners. In addition, the case offers combination locks and is airline approved for safe and easy travel.
  • Vanguard HD Series Double Aluminum Handgun Case: This gun case is large enough to hold two pistols and is made with a sturdy aluminum alloy exterior.

Walther Handgun Cases

At Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies, you can buy the Walther P22 Set Luxury Gun Case at a great low price. This hard handgun case is made with a hard plastic exterior. The inside foam liner of this plastic hard gun case is pre-cut to hold the Walther P22 Pistol and its accessories. If you own a Walter P22 Set, this is the perfect gun case to protect your valued possession.

Allen Cases Handgun Cases

Allen Cases makes several handgun cases specifically designed for Ruger handguns. We supply the Tan Ruger Embroidered Handgun Case with a prominent red Ruger logo embroidered on the front in 11, 13, and 15 inch sizes to fit a variety of Ruger firearms from the compact to larger revolvers. These cases will protect your firearm with 3/4” Foam and the 1200 Endura Shell.

We also offer low prices on the affordable Allen Fabric Pistol Cases. These handgun cases come in assorted colors in 6, 8, 11, and 13 inch sizes. These cases offer protection for your handgun with ¾” foam padding and the Endura exterior fabric. If you are looking to buy an affordable soft handgun case to protect your firearm, our discount prices on the fabric handgun cases by Allen Cases are sure to meet your needs.

Bianchi Handgun Cases

The Bianchi 4451 Deluxe Pistol Case is constructed with a ballistic weave fabric exterior that is water resistant. This handgun case will protect your firearm with a high-density foam padded core for cushioning and the new breathable Bianchi Air-Flo lining. This Bianchi Handgun case also offers a D-ring designed for a padlock to provide extra security, exterior pockets for accessories, and durable carrying straps. The Deluxe Handgun Case by Bianchi is available in both a medium and large size to fit most revolvers and semiautomatics.

The Bianchi 4450 Pistol Case is made with features similar to the Deluxe Case but in a more compact size. The included features are a water resistant nylon exterior with ½” ether foam padding and breathable Air-Flo lining. This affordable handgun case is available in small, medium, and large sizes so you are sure to find one that fits your needs at Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies.