Hunting Knife

At Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies, we sell a wide variety of hunting knives. From sturdy drop point hunting knives to versatile multi-purpose knives, we supply a knife for nearly every level hunter from beginner to the expert trophy hunter. As with any piece of outdoor gear, it is important to consider the situations in which you will most frequently be using your hunting knife in order to purchase the ideal knife for your needs. Each style of hunting knives is designed for specific hunting situations, but most hunting knives have a variety of other outdoor uses as well making them good survival knives as well. With our selection of discount hunting knives by the top manufacturers, each hunter or outdoorsman is sure to find his desired knife for sale at low prices through our website. The following are some of the popular knife brands you can buy here at discount prices.

  • CAS Hanwei Hunting Knives
  • Cold Steel Hunting Knives
  • Gerber Blades Hunting Knives
  • Ka-Bar Hunting Knives
  • Kershaw Hunting Knives
  • SOG Hunting Knives

Fixed Blade Hunting Knife vs. Folding Hunting Knife

Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies offers a wide selection of discount fixed bladed and folding hunting knives. Each with their own set of benefits and downsides, determining which type of hunting knife to buy can be a difficult decision.

Fixed Blade Hunting Knife

Fixed blade hunting knives are typically stronger than folding knives due to their design as the blade material often extends through the length of the handle. Fixed blade knives however, require the use of a nylon or leather sheath for safe carrying. Fixed blade knives make reliable hunting knives as there are generally no moving parts. One exception to this is the Blade Trader hunting knives by Kershaw, which offer a changeable blade design in a sturdy hunting knife.

Price: $23.41
Price: $67.65
Price: $138.82
Price: $155.48

Folding Hunting Knife

Folding blade hunting knives have a pivot point and locking mechanism allowing the blade to fold back into the handle of the knife. While not as strong as a fixed blade knife, a folding knife is ideal for hunting as it can be easily folded and carried in a pocket or on a belt. Folding knives are also a more versatile knife choice.

Choosing a Hunting Knife Blade Style

Hunting knifes are available with a variety of blade styles and designs. The following are some of the popular hunting knife styles you can buy at discount prices online.

Drop Point Hunting Knife

Drop Point Hunting Knives are ideal for the hunter who will often use their knife for preparing game for food. With a relatively thick, sharp curved blade, a drop point hunting knife can be used to cut the skin off of an animal. As the entire blade of drop point knife can be used when skinning, rather than just the point, this type of hunting knife will remove the skin with little damage to the meat. A drop point knife is versatile enough to be used for a variety of other field cleaning techniques as well. The XDP Drop Point Knife by Gerber Blades is an ideal hunting knife for cleaning game with its durable rubber molded, one-piece handle.

Clip Point Hunting Knife

Clip point hunting knives often have a thinner blade and a more defined point when compared to a drop point knife. This knife can perform all of the tasks for which a drop point is designed, only slightly less efficiently. A clip point knife is a good choice for someone who is looking for an affordable hunting knife that can be used in a variety of other situations as well.

Skinning Knife

Skinning knifes are designed to remove the skin from big game animals. These hunting knifes can efficiently perform other game cleaning tasks as well. If you are looking to buy a discount skinning knife, you will find a variety of excellent choices in our selection of affordable hunting knifes. For example, the Bear & Son Cutlery Zytel Upswept Skinner Knife is an ideal hunting knife for skinning game with its high carbon stainless steel blade. Available at Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies at a great low price, this knife also comes with a quality leather sheath for easy carry.

Gut Hook Knife

A gut hook blade knife is used to cut open the abdomen of an animal without the risk of cutting into the stomach or intestines and contaminating the meat. This hunting knife makes gutting game easier for beginners and an overall less time-consuming process.

With any type of hunting knife that you choose, you will find a wide variety of styles and designs of affordable hunting knives for sale online at Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies. If you are looking for an affordable hunting knife, our discount folding and fixed blade knives from leading knife manufacturers includes the perfect knife for every hunter at a low price.