Infrared Camera

Infrared Camera technology was originally developed for military use during the Korean war. As technology has advanced, especially with the development of the digital camera, IR cameras are becoming more popular and significantly less expensive. There are a number of affordable infrared cameras available on the market today. These cameras use infrared technology, or night vision, to generate pictures even in the dark of night. Therefore, today Infrared cameras have many uses including hunting and game tracking purposes and surveillance applications.

At Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies, we sell a number of discount infrared cameras perfect for hunting. If you are looking for a camera to set up for surveillance in your hunting area 24/7 or a camera to quickly photograph wildlife while on a hunt, our broad selection of affordable Infrared cameras for hunting is sure to help you find the trail camera that fits your budget and needs.

Using Infrared Cameras for Hunting

Many Infrared Cameras offer you the option to set the camera on a motion activated mode or keep it in manual mode. Carrying a camera when hunting allows you to photograph potential game and other wildlife, while setting up a surveillance camera in the field, can allow you to gain valuable insight regarding when game visits each particular area.

When using a trail camera in the field, an important thing to consider is the reaction time between when the trigger is clicked or activated by the motion sensor and when the picture or video is taken. The Cuddleback IR cameras by DeerCam are known for their rapid trigger speed. Therefore, when using a Cuddleback Trail Camera, you can be certain that your camera will be ready when you are.

Why use Motion Activated Game Cameras

Many hunters prefer to set up motion activated surveillance cameras at their frequent hunting spots to scout for activity when they are away. With the use of quality game cameras that date and time stamp each photograph, you will not only be able to see what types of game are visiting your hunting spot, but also the times of day which they most frequently visit. With the use of an Infrared Camera, you can even obtain photographs of deer and other animals at night without a bright flash to spook the visiting animals. The use of nightvision trail cameras for hunting allows you to accurately understand the activity at a particular hunting spot at all times of day. At Hunting, Fishing, Camping Supplies, you can browse our selection of game cameras perfect for surveillance of your hunting area.

Digital Infrared Game Cameras

Use of a digital infrared camera has many benefits over a traditional film camera. Digital game cameras are generally much quieter and more discrete than some older film cameras. A digital camera will create almost no sound when each image is captured. In addition, many infrared cameras designed for use in the filed will use IR technology rather than a bright flash to shoot photos in the dark, and therefore not scaring the natural wildlife. Another helpful feature found on most digital cameras is a large LCD display screen, this allows for immediate review of pictures. Finally, the use of a digital trail camera allows you to capture and store more pictures than a film camera. Many digital Infrared cameras, such as the Bushnell Trophy Cam, even allow you to have multiple photos taken with a programmable delay time between each.

Infrared Video Cameras for Hunting

Some infrared cameras for hunting even have the capability to shoot short video clips. The Moultrie Game Spy line of cameras allow you to capture both video and multi shot pictures in day and night. Using advanced Infrared technology, these night vision video cameras will capture all movement, allowing you to scout all of the action in a given area. Because of their discrete size and operation, the Game Spy cameras, found at Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies at discount prices, not only make great cameras for hunting, but they also work well for surveillance applications around your home or office.