Kershaw Knife

We are proud to offer a wide selection of quality Kershaw Knives for all types of outdoor activities including hunting, fishing, camping, and even everyday use. If you are looking to buy a quality knife for any type of activity, you are sure to find a discount Kershaw Knife at Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies that will fit your needs. Through our special agreements with suppliers, we are able to bring our customers the low prices on many quality Kershaw Knives that they desire. So please feel free to browse our selection to find the tool for which you have been searching.

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In 1978, Kai Cutlery purchased Kershaw Knives creating Kai USA Ltd. Since then the Kershaw brand has been growing and expanding, producing field knives, folding pocket knives, and fishing knives, as well as knives for all types of outdoor activities. In 1998, the Kershaw Knife brand expanded with the production of the first Ken Onion designs with patented SpeedSafe Technology. Today, Kershaw has been manufacturing knives with a focus on innovation and the advancement of modern knife technology.

Popular Kershaw Knife Styles

At Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies, you will find some of the most popular styles of Kershaw Knives available at low prices. The following provides a brief description of some of the top selling Kershaw Knife styles you can find here.

Kershaw Shears

We offer low prices on Kershaw Shears. These shears go beyond just a pair of scissors with multiple tools that make these Kershaw Shears the perfect tool for performing a number of tasks.

  • Kershaw Knives - Taskmaster Shears: The Taskmaster Shears are designed as an excellent multipurpose tool for all your outdoor needs. With tools including a nutcracker, jar opener, bone notch, lid lifter and screwdriver tips, the Kershaw Taskmaster Shears will help you with just about any job.
  • Kershaw Knives - Trout / Bird Knife & Shears: The Kershaw Trout / Bird Knife and Shears Combo includes a Kershaw multipurpose knife with durable stainless steel blade. This blade is partially serrated for dressing fish and game with a non-slip co-polymer handle. The Kershaw Trout / Bird Knife & Shears Kit also comes with the versatile Kershaw Taskmaster Shears and a harness-leather sheath for carrying both tools.

Kershaw Knives for Fishing

Kershaw Fillet Knives

A Fillet Kershaw Knife is made of high-carbon stainless steel designed to flex making these knives perfect for filleting fish. The following are several of the discount Kershaw Fillet Knives sold on our website.

  • 7” Fillet Kershaw Knife
  • Adjustable Seven Step Fillet Kershaw Knife
  • Folding Fillet Kershaw Knife
  • Electric Fillet Kershaw Knife with two interchangeable dual action blades

Kershaw Blade Traders

The Kershaw Blade Trader technology allows you to trade between interchangeable blades with the same handle. Each locking blade on this Kershaw knife is designed for a particular purpose making and Blade Trader a very versatile tool. At Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies, you can buy the following Kershaw Blade Trader Knives at discount prices:

  • Alaskan Blade Trader Kershaw Knife
  • Fisherman's Blade Trader Kershaw Knife
  • Hunter's Blade Trader Kershaw Knife
  • Sportsman's Blade Trader Kershaw Knife

Kershaw Fixed Blade Knives

If you are looking to buy a Kershaw Knife, we sell a number of Kershaw fixed blade knives at affordable prices on our website. Kershaw's quality fixed blade knives are ideal for hunting, military uses, and survival knives. The following are several of the popular discount fixed blade Kershaw Knives available at Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies..

  • Responder Kershaw Knife: The Kershaw Responder Knife is perfect for everything from extreme sports to rescue situations. With its partially serrated blade and cutting hook, this Kershaw knife will get the job done in many extreme situations.
  • Roughneck Kershaw Knife: The Roughneck fixed blade knife by Kershaw Knives offers top performance at an affordable price. With its tough high carbon stainless steel blade, this knife can be sharpened to the sharpest edge.
  • Deer Hunter Kershaw Knife: The Kershaw Deer Hunter Knife is perfect for all deer hunters. This knife allows any hunter to quickly field dress deer with its ease of control.

Kershaw Folding Pocket Knives

At Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies you can shop from our wide selection of Kershaw folding and pocket knives. Each Folding Kershaw Knife is designed for your comfort and convenience. The following are several of the quality Kershaw folding knives that are available at discount prices on our website.

  • Chive Series Kershaw Folding Knife: We sell a number of Chive Series Kershaw Knives designed by Ken Onion. Each of the Chive folding knives offers the SpeedSafe opening technology for safe and easy opening for both right and left hand users.
  • Storm Series Kershaw Folding Knife: Each knife in the Storm Series created by Kershaw designer Ken Onion offers a bold look, smooth feel, and secure grip. This blade has easy one handed opening capabilities, and the open blade is locked securely in place with linerlock technology.