Leatherman Tool

Leatherman tools are the ultimate multi-tools for every outdoorsman. Whether you enjoy bicycling, camping, hunting, fishing, gardening, or scouting, there is a Leatherman tool designed with you in mind. In addition, there are Leatherman tools perfect for military personnel, for use on the job, and for use in emergency situations. We sell a broad selection of discount Leatherman tools so you are sure to find the tool you need that fits your budget.

Why Buy a Leatherman Multi-Tool?

There are a number of reasons why Leatherman Multi-Tools are the ideal tools for many situations. The following briefly describes why these powerful tools are the perfect addition to every tool kit.

  • Quality craftsmanship: Leatherman tools are designed to be tough enough to stand up to even the most difficult jobs. With features like quality materials, including stainless steel, and protective coatings, a Leatherman tool can stand up to a lot of abuse.
  • Convenient: Leatherman tools are convenient for situations such as hiking, camping, and hunting because you only need to carry one tool for a number of jobs. This will save space versus carrying multiple stand-alone tools.
  • Inexpensive alternative: A Leatherman tool can be an inexpensive alternative to buying a stand-alone tool for each job. With a Leatherman multi-tool, just one tool can perform many different jobs.
  • Emergency situations: Leatherman tools make a great addition to any emergency kit at home, in the car, or when camping. You never know when disaster will strike, so be prepared with a Leatherman multi-tool in your emergency kit.
    Types of Leatherman Tools

Leatherman Tools can be categorized into three main categories based on size. These categories include Full-sized Leatherman Tools, Pocket-sized Leatherman Tools, and Small Keychain Tools. We sell a number of full sized multi-purpose tools perfect for on the job work as well as small keychain tools that are always at hand. The following will help you learn more about each of these categories so that you can decide which Leatherman tool to buy.

Full-sized Leatherman Tool

A full-sided Leatherman multi-tool can be the perfect addition to any toolbox. These work great for situations when you do not have time to stop working to search for the right tool. Just grab a multi-tool and you have the right tool for every job. We sell a number of discount Leatherman full-sized multi-tools including the popular Leatherman Wave Multi-Tool. This sturdy tool is made from 100% stainless steel and boasts outside accessible blades, wire cutters, multiple screwdrivers, needle nose pliers, and scissors.

Pocket-sized Leatherman Tool

A pocket-sized Leatherman multi-tool is the ideal tool when you need multiple features in a small amount of space. Because of their space saving design, these Leatherman tools work well for camping, hunting, or fishing. We sell many Leatherman pocket-sized multi-tools at discount prices. One top seller includes the Leatherman Freestyle CX, which contains a full DLC coating for added protection and durability. This tool has an outside accessible blade that allows it to be used as a pocketknife as well as a multi-tool.

Keychain Leatherman Tool

A keychain Leatherman multi-tool may be small in size, but they still pack all the punch that you would expect to find in any quality Leatherman tool. A Leatherman keychain tool is the best tool when every inch of space and every pound counts. One example of a keychain tool that boasts a lot of toughness is the Leatherman Squirt P4. This is the first miniature Leatherman tool to contain a pliers. The Squirt P4 is the perfect everyday tool with three screwdrivers, wire cutters, a knife blade and more.