Outdoor Gear: Our 100 Top Selling Items

At Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies we are your one stop shop for all hunting supplies, camping needs, shooting equipment, and other types of outdoor gear. We offer a wide selection of merchandise from leading manufacturers at discount prices so that every outdoorsman can have the outdoor gear he desires at a price he can afford. Please feel free to browse our top 100 selling items to see some of the quality outdoor gear we supply at discount prices.

Digital 6 Rack Smoker Bradley Technologies
Price: $549.00
Digital 6 Rack Smoker from Bradley Technologies
Price: $349.95
Frozen Concoction Maker, Fiji from FoodSaver
Price: $299.00
Sig Sauer P226 Overmold, DSA from Crimson Trace
Price: $82.99
MiniVault Standard from GunVault
Price: $289.95
Katadyn Pocket Microfilter
Price: $111.56
GunVault MultiVault Standard
Price: $201.14
DeerCam Cuddeback Capture
Price: $608.00
Aimpoint Micro T-1, 4 MOA NVC
Comp ML3, 2 MOA Aimpoint
Price: $486.00
Aimpoint Comp ML3, 2 MOA
Price: $729.00
Aimpoint Comp M4s 2MOA/QRP2, w/Mount
Jim Beam 4 Rack Digital Smoker Bradley Technologies
Price: $449.00
Jim Beam 4 Rack Digital Smoker from Bradley Technologies
Price: $313.55
Eureka! Assault Outfitter 4
Price: $190.34
Johnny Stewart Preymaster Digital Wireless Caller
Price: $82.18
Wheeler 89-Piece Deluxe Gunsmithing Kit
Price: $823.65
Trijicon AccuPoint 2.5-10x56, Std w/Dot
Price: $144.70
LaserLyte Green Laser Bore Sighter .22-.75
Price: $149.99
ChefsChoice 130 Pro Sharpening Station, White
Original Black Smoker Bradley Technologies
Price: $330.41
Bradley Technologies Original Black Smoker
TLR-3 Streamlight
Price: $70.56
Streamlight TLR-3
Price: $20.82
Browning BuckMark 22 Magazine 10-Shot
Price: $423.52
White Quail Automatic Trap from Do-All Traps
Price: $149.99
ChefsChoice 130 Pro Sharpening Station, Black
Micro H-1, 4 MOA Aimpoint
Price: $542.00
Aimpoint Micro H-1, 4 MOA
Price: $205.61
ARC-22, SS Conversion Kit from CMMG, Inc
Game Spy 4.0 Digital Camera Moultrie Feeders
Price: $104.19
Moultrie Feeders Game Spy 4.0 Digital Camera
Price: $299.00
Crimson Trace 1911 Govt/Commander Om Wrap, Front Activaton
Best Gun Vise Tipton
Price: $87.05
Tipton Best Gun Vise
GameSaver Deluxe FoodSaver
Price: $139.50
FoodSaver GameSaver Deluxe
Price: $27.39
Butler Creek Universal Pistol LULA Loader
Price: $209.80
Walkers Game Ear Power Muffs Digital Quad Earmuffs, Black
Price: $199.00
Glock 26 - 39 - Poly Rear Overmold Act from Crimson Trace
Price: $399.00
Modular Foregrip Laser/Light Om, DSA from Crimson Trace
Double Nest Hammock - Khaki/Black Eagles Nest Outfitters
Price: $58.95
Eagles Nest Outfitters Double Nest Hammock - Khaki/Black
Sunrise 11 Eureka!
Price: $279.90
Eureka! Sunrise 11 Tent
Price: $289.95
Pro Ears Pro Mag Gold NRR 33 Black
Deluxe Sharpening System Lansky Sharpeners
Price: $31.41
Lansky Sharpeners Deluxe Sharpening System
Zeus 2 Classic Eureka!
Price: $159.90
Eureka! Zeus 2 Classic Tent
Price: $70.97
Gerber Blades LMF II ASEK - Coyote Brown
Price: $399.90
Eureka! Timberline 6 Outfitter Tent
Price: $61.07
Princeton Tec Apex, Black 130 Lumens LED Headlamp
Price: $86.03
Maglite NIMH Rechargeable Flashlight System
Price: $279.99
FoodSaver GameSaver Turbo - White Vacuum Packager
Price: $14.94
Streamlight MicroStream LED Penlight - Black
Price: $729.00
Aimpoint CompM4, 2 MOA ACET Scope
Price: $85.09
Wheeler 1 inch Scope Mounting Kit
Spitfire Tent Eureka!
Price: $99.90
Eureka! Spitfire Tent
Price: $82.49
Tapco Intrafuse 10/22 Rifle Sys, Black
Price: $279.90
Eureka! Alpenlite 2XT Tent
Apex 2XT Tent Eureka!
Price: $84.71
Eureka! Apex 2XT Tent
Price: $399.99
ChefsChoice 662 Pro Electric Food Slicer
Series S-LM Bipod- 9-13" Harris Engineering
Price: $93.28
Harris Engineering Series S-LM Bipod- 9-13"
Price: $159.95
Katadyn Combi Microfilter
Solitaire Tent Eureka!
Price: $79.90
Eureka! Solitaire Tent
Price: $6.48
Stansport Kerosene Hurricane Lantern 12" Rd
Price: $299.99
Moultrie Feeders GameSpy 6.0 Infrared Flash w/Viewer
Price: $89.95
Katadyn Vario Dual Technology Microfilter
Price: $428.00
Aimpoint CompML2, 4 MOA Scope
Price: $139.95
Optimus Nova Liquid Fuel Stove
Price: $193.20
Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle
Price: $159.95
Nikon Prostaff 3-9x40 Matte Nikon Scope
Price: $561.00
Aimpoint Micro R-1, 4 MOA Scope
Price: $130.16
Eureka! Backcountry 1 Tent
Price: $160.78
LaserLyte Rear Sight Laser for All Glocks
Price: $33.41
Glock Model 17 9mm 33rnd Magazine
Price: $42.22
Gerber Blades Multi-Plier 600, Needlenose Stainless Steel
Price: $199.99
Aimshot Green Laser Pistol Sight 5mW
Price: $32.98
Gerber Blades Compact Sport Multi Plier 400
Price: $112.96
Streamlight Vantage LED Tactical Helmet Light, Black
Price: $108.25
Harris Engineering Series S Bipod Hinged Base- 12-25"
Price: $47.01
LaserLyte Universal Laser Bore Sighter

Foodsaver Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker

The FoodSaver Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Makers are ready for the party. Unlike a regular blender, these drink makers shave ice and blend it with your favorite ingredients. These quality frozen drink makers make restaurant quality frozen margaritas, pina coladas, daiquiris, smoothies and so much more. With a large ice reservoir, the Fiji and Key West Frozen Concoction makers hold enough ice to make up to two and a half pitchers of frozen drinks. With pre-programmed, automatic settings, you can easily make the perfect frozen drinks at your next party or get together. The Fiji Frozen Concoction Maker offers upgraded brushed nickel housing and polished stainless steel accents for a premium look. If you are looking to buy a frozen drink maker for your home, our FoodSaver Frozen Concoction Makers sold at discount prices are an excellent option.

Bradley Smokers

At Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies, we offer discount prices on several top selling varieties of Bradley Smokers, including the popular large 6 Rack Digital Smoker and the Jim Beam 4 Rack Digital Smoker. These smokers are perfect for any hunter or food enthusiast. As smoking meat can enhance the wonderful flavors of wild game or fish, a Bradley Digital Smoker is the ideal accessory for just about any outdoorsman. So buy one of our discount Bradley Smokers today to start learning new ways to prepare your meat and wild game.

GunVault Safes

Any firearm owner knows that the proper protection and storage of your guns is not only important to protect your handguns and rifles from rust and damage, but proper storage will also help protect you and your loved ones by keeping your guns out of untrained hands. GunVault manufactures a broad selection of gun safes ideal for storing your firearms and other valuable items. With both large and small gun safe sizes, you are sure to find a GunVault safe to meet your needs. The following are some of the popular GunVault safes sold at discount prices at Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies.

  • MicroVault and MicroVault Biometric Safes
  • MiniVault and MiniVault Deluxe Safes
  • MultiVault and MultiVault Deluxe Safes
  • MiniVault Biometric Safes and MultiVault Biometric Safes

ChefsChoice Pro Sharpening Station

The ChefsChoice Pro Sharpening Station M130 offers an all in one sharpening option for both culinary chefs and any outdoorsmen including hunters, fishers, and campers. This automatic knife sharpener can be used to sharpen all types of knives and other outdoor gear including straight edge or serrated knives, Asian style knives, and all types of sports and pocketknives. If you are looking to buy an affordable electric knife sharpener, the quality ChefsChoice Pro Sharpening Station, sold here at a low discount price, is an ideal choice.

Crimson Trace Laser Grip Sights

At Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies we sell a broad selection of Crimson Trace Laser Grip Sights for pistols and revolvers at discount prices. These laser grip sights offer an instant advantage in self defense situations allowing you to shoot with confidence and speed. In addition, Crimson Trace Laser Sights are excellent training aids, which can help to make training faster and easier. Finally, Crimson Trace Laser Sights can be used in all types of shooting sports. If you are looking for a discount laser grip, our selection of affordable laser grip sights from Crimson Trace includes sights designed especially for many popular handguns including Ruger handguns, Kel-Tech Handguns, Smith & Wesson Handguns, Glock Handguns and so much more.

Eureka Tents

A tent can be the most important piece of outdoor gear for an outdoorsman, as it often becomes a home away from home. Our variety of discount Eureka Tents including Recreation Eureka Tents, Backcountry Eureka Tents, and Expedition and Outfitter Eureka Tents is sure to have the tent to meet every backpacker, camper, and outdoorsman's needs. With affordable large family tents, small lightweight backpacking tents, and durable four-season tents, you will find the Eureka Tent to meet your needs at Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies.