Soft Gun Case

Soft Gun Cases offer protection for all of your rifles, shotguns, and handguns. With features including adjustable straps or slings, thick foam padding, and sturdy waterproof exteriors, all of the soft gun cases you can buy at discount prices on our website are designed to last. Our selection of flexible gun cases will protect your firearms when transporting them to the shooting range or field. If you are looking for a durable soft gun case to protect your valued handgun, rifle, or shotgun, you are sure to find a case to meet your needs at Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies.

Allen Cases Soft Gun Case

Allen manufactures a variety of protective gun cases including rifle cases, shotgun cases, pistol cases, waterfowl gun cases, and much more. At Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies, you will find an Allen gun case perfect for just about any situation. The following are some of the discount soft gun cases from Allen Cases you can find on our website.

  • Allen Cases Floatation Slipcase Waterfowl Soft Gun Case: This long gun case offers both an end flap and zipper closure for your convenience. This case also offers an adjustable sling for easy carry. This soft gun case by Allen Cases will protect your firearm with 3/8” floatation foam padding.
  • Outfitter Shotgun Soft Gun Case: Allen's Outfitter Shotgun case offers a built in sling for easy carrying. In addition, this shotgun case features a large organizer pocket and extra height to accommodate scopes.
  • Allen Cases Gun Socks and Sleeves: Allen Cases manufactures a variety of gun socks and sleeves for both long guns and handguns. Allen's knit Gun Socks are manufactured with a silicon treated fabric that will protect your firearms from moisture.
  • Assorted Pistol Soft Gun Cases: We sell a variety of discount Pistol cases from Allen Cases. These gun cases are designed to protect your handgun with ¾” foam and an endure shell. Available in three sizes, small, medium, and large, Allen Pistol Cases will accommodate any of your handguns.

Browning Soft Gun Case

Browning Flexible Gun Cases offer rugged features including heavy duty exterior fabrics, high grade padding materials, and strong zippers. Each Browning soft gun case sold at discount prices on our website is sure to offer the quality protection you would expect from any Browning product. The following are two popular Browning soft gun cases built for rifles and shotguns.

  • Santa Fe Flex Gun Case: This shotgun case is made with a protective waxed cotton canvas shell and quilted flannel lining. With thick leather muzzle cap, this gun case available in both 52” and 48” lengths will be ideal for carrying your firearm to the field or shooting range.
  • Browning Cimmaron Soft Gun Case: The Cimmaron is one of the best flexible gun cases manufactured by Browning. Available scoped or regular, this gun case offers an exterior pocket and shell loops for easy carry.

Bianchi Soft Gun Case

We sell the Bianchi Pistol Case and Bianchi Deluxe Pistol case online at Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies. These two types of soft gun cases are made with ballistic weave nylon exteriors and the patented, moisture wicking Air-Flow lining to protect your firearm. Both of these types of Bianchi Soft Gun Cases open flat so they double as a shooting rest or pad. The 4451 Deluxe Handgun Case, available in medium and large has convenient wrap around carrying handles and an outside pocket. The 4450 Model gun case comes in small, medium, and large sizes to accommodate a variety of handguns. The 4450 cases offer the same protection as the Deluxe case but in a smaller size. If you are looking for a protective case for your pistol or revolver, the Bianchi 4450 Series and 4451 Series of Soft Gun Cases sold here at discount prices are ideal choices for you.

Hunter Company Soft Gun Case

We sell the Green Duck Auto Rest Gun Case manufactured by Hunter Company at a great low price. This durable case is made with heavy duty construction including extra thick foam padding, a full length heavy duty zipper, and heavy fleece lining. The Green Duck Auto Rest Soft Gun Case fits 48” to 51” barrels and is an ideal long gun case for your rifle or shotgun.