TenPoint Crossbow

TenPoint Crossbow Technologies aims to be a world-class manufacturer of crossbows and crossbow accessories recognized for their optimal safety standards, durability, engineering design, performance, and power. TenPoint Crossbows vows not to compromise quality engineering and design at any cost. TenPoint Crossbow Technologies shows their dedication to quality by always standing by their products and responding to the concerns and suggestions of their customers. Because of the company's strong dedication to quality and customer relationships, we are proud to offer a variety of TenPoint Crossbows and TenPoint Crossbow Kits to our customers at discount prices.

Why Buy a TenPoint Crossbow

There are a number of Crossbow manufacturers on the market today, each with its own set of strengths and benefits. The following provides a brief introduction to some of the strengths of buying a TenPoint Crossbow for your crossbow hunting.

  • TenPoint Crossbows are designed to provide a great balance, fit, and feel: TenPoint manufactures their crossbows for optimal shooting comfort with a well-designed balance and fit against your shoulder when shooting.
  • TenPoint Crossbows produce more power and are easy to load: Using a 420-grain arrow, the top TenPoint Crossbow Models deliver 343 and 330 FPS on a manageable and easy to load frame. This combination of 420-grain arrow and high speeds results in 101.5 to 109.7 foot pounds of kinetic energy.
  • TenPoint Crossbows offer superior value in engineering, quality, performance, and durability: In 2004, the entry-level Titan TL-4 TenPoint Crossbow beat out other top manufacturers to win Inside Archery Magazine's Best Buy Award.

Popular TenPoint Crossbows

At Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies, we are proud to supply a number of TenPoint Crossbows available at discount prices. The following new TenPoint Crossbows can be purchased at low prices online through our website:

Pro Slider TenPoint Crossbow

The TenPoint Pro Slider with package 3x Multi-Line Scope and ACUdraw is an ideal crossbow for any shooter regardless of age, sex, stature, or skill level. The new trigger in this TenPoint Crossbow results in a smoother trigger pull therefore improving accuracy. The new Complete-Capture ultra-quiet limb pocket and bow assembly, featured on this bow along with the precision-machined riser allow the shooter to slide, locate, and lock in their preferred shooting position. The TenPoint Pro Slider, when locked in the short position will shoot 220 FPS. In the long position, this bow can be converted to a high performance crossbow that shoots 305 FPS.

Phantom CLS TenPoint Crossbow

The TenPoint Phantom CLS Crossbow with package 3x Pro-View Scope and ACUdraw features the new Compact Limb System Technology. This new crossbow technology produces a shot that is smooth, quiet, and vibration free. This TenPoint Crossbow in Real Tree APG HD offers the Power Touch trigger to make it the perfect combination of great looks, unmatched performance and amazing power.

Phantom Xtra TenPoint Crossbow

The Phantom Xtra TenPoint Crossbow Package with 3x Pro-View Scope and ACUdraw features the new Compact Limb System Technology of the Phantom CLS Crossbow. However, this crossbow comes mounted on a precision-crafted, laminated wood stock with a protective, durable weather-resistant semi-gloss finish. The crossbow is fitted with a non-slip rubber butt plate.

Shadow CLS TenPoint Crossbow

The Shadow CLS TenPoint Crossbow Package with 3x Multi-Line Scope and ACUdraw boasts a 175 lb draw weight and a shooting speed of 330 FPS. This crossbow offers the unique Compact Limb System Technology, bronze anodize machine components, and all of safety and performance technology you would expect to find in any TenPoint Crossbow.

If you are looking to buy a crossbow, please feel free to browse our selection of discount TenPoint Crossbows and Crossbow Packages. If you have any questions when looking at the products available online through the Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies website, please feel free to contact us.