Aimpoint Scope

Aimpoint manufactures a line of top quality red dot scopes made with the finest components available. Known as the originator of the red dot sight, all Aimpoint scopes are developed using care and precision. If you are looking for a durable sight that will stand up to any situation, you can find an affordable Aimpoint scope to fit your needs at Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies. With Aimpoint scopes designed for use with a variety of rifles and handguns, we sell red dot sight for use with nearly any firearm.

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Why Buy an Aimpoint Scope

Aimpoint scopes are superior sights, perfect for just about any situation. The following are some characteristics that make buying an Aimpoint sight a great choice for any hunter or shooter.

  • Aimpoint red dot sights can be used with both eyes open, allowing for an unlimited field of view for any distance shot.
  • Aimpoint scopes offer the brightest red dot and reflect nearly 100% of wavelengths of light so that you will have the clearest view of your target possible.
  • In every Aimpoint scope, a bright LED Light is reflected from a double lens system directly to your eye. This double lens system ensures that the LED is always parallel to the sights optical axis regardless of where you position your eye. Therefore, making it easy for everyone from the beginner to the experienced shooter to use to obtain an accurate shot using these red dot scopes.

Popular Aimpoint Scopes

At Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies, we sell a variety of discount Aimpoint scopes. From full sized scopes designed specifically for targeting in on big game, to micro scopes that offer all of the benefits of full-sized scope but in a convenient compact package perfect for law enforcement situations, we supply a full line of discount Aimpoint sights. If you are looking for a quality sight for hunting, sport shooting, or military or police use, you will not be disappointed with a quality, affordable Aimpoint Scope. The following are some the most popular Aimpoint Scopes available to buy online at discount prices through our website.

  • CompM4: The CompM4 Scope by Aimpoint is the finest sight ever produced by the manufacturer. With improved energy efficiency, an integral mounting system, and the capability to be used with all types of night vision technology, the CompM4 Sight is flexible and ideal for any hunter and shooter.
  • CompM3: The Comp M3 is an ideal scope for police and military personnel. This compact scope offers the latest Aimpoint technology in a design even more rugged than most to stand up to the challenging situations you will encounter in the line of duty.
  • CompML2: The Aimpoint CompML2 is a modified version of the CompC sight. This scope is designed for use by military and police personnel in both daylight and lowlight conditions, but can also be used by hunters and sport shooters.
  • Micro R-1: The Micro R-1 Aimpoint Scope is a handgun scope built especially for the competitive handgun hunter. This affordable lightweight scope is ideal for use with both pistols and revolvers or even rifles and archery equipment. With setting for both lowlight and daylight conditions, this compact Aimpoint Scope will provide the ultimate view of your target.
  • Micro T-1: This super compact scope offers all of the performance you expect in a full-sized Aimpoint Scope. This night vision compatible scope can be used with rifles, carbines, shotguns, submachineguns, and handguns.
  • 9000L: The 9000L full-sized Aimpoint scope is perfect for big game hunters. This sight is extremely durable, built to withstand heavy recoil encountered in the most extreme hunting conditions.
  • 9000SC: The 9000SC hunting scope, available in black and camo pattern, is a medium length scope designed by Aimpoint to be used with semi-automatic shotguns and rifles. This is an ideal scope for turkey hunters and deer hunters.