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Folding Knife

A folding knife can be your most convenient tool. At times, this compact easy to carry knife can even be a lifesaver in emergency situations. Therefore, it is important to buy a quality folding knife so you will be prepared in all situations. Our selection of discount folding knives available online through Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies includes a broad selection of folding knives perfect for use during outdoor activities including hunting, camping, fishing and even for everyday uses.

We understand that having a good quality folding knife can be useful in a broad range of situations. Therefore, we supply many quality knives at low prices. At Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies, you can buy a discount folding knife from the following leading manufactures:

  • Cold Steel Knives
  • Gerber Blades Knives
  • Ka-Bar Knives
  • Kershaw Knives
  • Leaterman Knives
  • Leupold Knives
  • SOG Knives

The broad "Folding Knife" category includes a number of different styles and designs of knives. A folding knife can range from a decorative piece inlayed with hand carved wood or mother of pear to a streamlined all stainless steel knife, such as the Van Hoy Snap Lock Knife from Columbia River, intended for getting tough jobs done. We sell many of the following popular handle types in our selection of discount folding and pocket knives.

  • Aluminum Handled Folding Knives
  • Pocket Knives with Stag Handles
  • Stainless Steel Handled Folding Knives
  • Nylon Handled Folding Knives
  • Knives with Bone Handles
  • Folding Knives with Carbon Fiber Handles
  • G-10 Laminate Handled Lockback Folding Knives
  • Pocket Knives with Wood Handles
  • Titanium Handled Knives
  • Folding Knives with Tough Plastic Handles

Folding Knife Types

Since folding knives can be used for a number of situations, we carry a broad range of folding knives including pocket knives, lockback knives, and a variety of other folding knives for use when hunting, camping, or fishing, and when performing many other outdoor activities.

Tactical Folding Knife

Tactical Folding Knives are built tough to handle all the abuse they will encounter in even the harshest conditions. These high-performance knives are made easy to open in challenging situations often with extra notches for one-hand-open capabilities. The following are several of the discount tactical folding knives you will find for sale at low prices at Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies.

  • Kershaw Tactical Folder Knives including the Blackout, Avalanche, and Boa
  • Columbia River M16-14 Tactical Knives including the Big Dog Tanto and M16-14 Military with Comb Edge
  • The Spectre Tactical Knife by Cold Steel

Traditional Multi-Blade Folding Knife

A Traditional Multi-Blade Folding Knife, also known as a pocket knife, can be used when camping, hunting, fishing or for a number of other outdoor activities. These knives have a variety of blades that fold out of the handle for quick and easy access. If you are looking to buy a quality pocket knife, please look through our selection of discount multi-blade folding knives. Some of these low priced folding knives from top manufactures that we supply include the following:

  • Browning M524 Big Game II Hunting Knife with Stag Handle
  • Kershaw Double Cross Folding Knife
  • Case Cutlery 64090 SS Amber Jr. Scout Folding Pocket Knife

Gentleman Folding Knife

Gentleman Folding Knives are small, lightweight, quality knives. A knife in this category often has beautiful and elegant detail. Some Gentleman Folding Knives even have clips so they can be clipped on to a pants or shirt pocket. The Gerber Blades Trendy line of knives including the Bead Blast and the Black Teflon Knife with Pear Wood provides an example of several quality Gentleman Folding Knives. The Trendy Folding Knife is a lightweight knife that doubles as a money clip.

Locking Blade Folding Knife

There are two main types of locking folding knives. The first is a linerlock folding knife where a spring steel or titanium side piece of the knife is set to spring sideways into the space previously occupied by the blade, and therefore, hold the blade in an open position. To release the blade you must press the liner back out of the way. Lockback folding knives, which are generally easier to operate, but less sturdy than a linerlock, rely on a spring loaded steel bar that drops into a notch when the blade is opened securing it in place. To release a lockback folding knife, you must depress the locking bar and remove it from the notch. The following are several of the locking blade folding knives we sell for discount prices online.

  • Cold Steel Voyager Large Clip Point Locking Knife
  • Kershaw Chive Folding Knife with Boron Carbide Finish
  • Flash II Folding Blade Knife in Camo by SOG Knives