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Shooting Bench

A Shooting Bench can be used in a number of situations. Shooting benches are used for stabilization when clay trap shooting, target shooting, and even varmint hunting. At Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies, we sell a wide variety of discount shooting benches from several top manufactures including Do All Outdoors, Caldwell, and Shooters Ridge. Some of the benches we carry are portable for easily transporting to the shooting range. Other shooting benches are meant for sturdy set up when shooting in your backyard. Please feel free to browse our selection of benches to find the shooting bench that is right for you.

Shooting Bench Buying Guide

There are a number of issues to consider when determining which shooting bench is right for you. The following are some differences that exist between shooting bench models to consider before buying a shooting bench.

Shooting Bench Stability

The first thing to consider when purchasing a new shooting bench is the overall stability of the bench. A bench's stability can depend on the type and number of legs and feet on the bench. In addition, as different benches will stand differently on different surfaces, you should consider the type of ground on which you will most often be using your shooting bench. For example, it is more difficult to obtain stability in loose soil or sand, so you may want to consider buying a bench like the Caldwell Stable Table with its tri-pod style design if you will be shooting on uneven ground often.

Multi-Adjustable Shooting Bench

Shooting benches can be adjustable on a number of dimensions. Therefore, adjustable shooing benches tend to be more customizable than some other types of benches. This is another issue to consider when buying a new shooting bench. The Do All Outdoors Trigger Happy Shooting Bench sold here at discount prices has a tray and table that can be adjusted for both right and left hand shooters. In addition, you can adjust the angle of the table on this bench to easily shoot up or down hill.

Another adjustable option found on some shooting benches is the ability to swivel the direction in which the bench is facing. The Do All Outdoors Prairie Predator Bench offers a 360-degree one hand swivel capability making this shooting bench ideal for varmint hunting or shooting at the range.

Portable Shooting Benches

If you plan to take your shooting bench to the range and do other travel with your bench, you may want to buy a shooting bench that is easily portable. Portable shooting benches are made of lightweight materials making them quick and easy to carry to and from multiple locations. The Do All Outdoors Iron Bear Shooting Bench with a lightweight steel construction is both sturdy and light enough to carry with you to the range.

Another feature that makes a shooting bench more portable is its ability to fold. The Shooters Ridge Deluxe Field and Range Bench folds for quick disassembly and easy set up from location to location. A downside for many folding shooting benches is that they will have limited adjustability compared to some other benches.

Shooting Benches with Accessory Trays or Pockets

A final feature to consider when purchasing a shooting bench is the addition of an accessory tray or pocket. A tray can be used to hold spotting scopes, ammunition, and tools. The discount Do All shooting benches we supply each come with a convenient accessory tray or pockets.

Because of our wide selection of discount shooting benches from leading manufactures, you are sure to find the shooting bench that fits your needs at Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies. So if you are looking to buy a new shooting bench be sure to check out our selection of low priced benches today.