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AimShot Heatseeker

AimShot Heatseekers are perfect tools for use when tracking game. These powerful thermal heatseekers can locate game even in the thickest woods, making them ideal game finders. By using infrared laser technology, AimShot Heatseekers can even be used to locate game when hunting in the dark. At Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies, we sell the AimShot Thermal Heatseeker in black and camouflage at discount prices. The AimShot Heatseeker is an ideal tool for any hunter looking for an effective game locator at an affordable price.

Thermal Heatseeker
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Thermal Heatseeker

How Heatseekers Work

AimShot Heatseekers detect heat sources and the motion of heat, which can be useful when finding both game and humans. Temperatures collected from the Heatseeker are read as Infrared light wave, which are then displayed on the digital bar graph. In addition, a "squelch" alert sound will be heard through the earplug to alert you of a nearby heat source. These quality thermal Heatseekers by AimShot can detect objects as close as 2 feet and as far as 900 feet away under optimal conditions. With its 64 different sensitivity settings, the AimShot Thermal Heatseeker will eliminate false readings, making it an effective tool for locating game and even humans.

AimShot Heatseeker Uses

There are a number of uses for an AimShot Heatseeker including uses for around the home or office, hunting applications, and even use in police or military situations. If you have been looking for a versatile thermal Heatseeker, the AimShot Heatseeker sold at Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies for discount prices is the tool for you. This infrared laser can be used to detect heat sources and has practical application in a variety of situations including the following:

  • The AimShot Heatseeker is perfect when hunting to locate game and find injured or downed game.
  • This Heatseeker can help locate lost children, pets, or livestock.
  • Detect intruders and improve your personal security around your home with a thermal Heatseeker.
  • Heatseekers can be used in factories and in the office to detect hot spots in equipment.
  • Using a thermal Heatseeker will allow you to pinpoint thermal losses in a home or business increasing your energy efficiency.
  • An AimShot Heatseeker can be used to create safer military and police building searches.

AimShot Heatseeker Product Features

Quality thermal Heatseekers by AimShot make acquiring targets easier than ever before. In addition, these tools are easy to carry in the field and durable enough to last. The following product features will help you determine if a discount AimShot Heatseeker from Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies is the right game locator to meet your needs.

  • Built-in red laser and infrared sighting help identify targets even in thick brush and in the dark of night.
  • Adjustable volume and optional earpiece allow you to operate the Heatseeker in silence when necessary.
  • High-impact ABS plastic construction makes the AimShot Heatseeker durable enough to stand up to all the abuse you can throw at it.
  • This thermal game locator is easy to carry with the included in belt pouch and wrist strap.
  • The Heatseeker can track any heat source up to 300 yards away.
  • Your AimShot Heatseeker will come ready to use with an included 9V Alkaline battery.