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Dome Tent

A dome tent is one of the more popular styles of tents available today. With poles that crisscross at the top of the tent, a dome tent will likely form a hexagonal, octagonal, or similar geometric shape. Dome tents are freestanding and relatively easy to set up, while providing maximum head room at the center peak. At Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies, we are proud to sell a variety of dome tents from some of the leading tent manufactures. Through our agreements with suppliers, we are able to bring our customers low prices on a number of quality dome tents for camping.

Top Dome Tent Manufactures

At Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies, we sell quality dome tents from many top manufactures. Each of the camping tents you will find at discount prices online through our website is made with quality engineering from a leading manufacture. So if you are looking to buy a discount dome tent from one of the following manufactures, make Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies the one stop shop for your camping needs.

  • Eureka Tents
  • Wenzel Tents
  • Paha Que Tents
  • Chinook Tents
  • Stansport Tents
  • SwissGear Tents
  • Grand Trunk Tents
  • Big Agnes Tents

Buying a New Dome Tent

We understand that the choice of a tent for camping, hiking, backpacking and other outdoor activities can be a difficult decision to make. There are a number of important features and characteristics that you will want to consider before making your purchase of a new camping tent. The following information will help you decide which dome tent is right for you. After considering the options and features available on a new tent, feel free to browse our selection of discount dome tents to find the tent that will fulfill your needs.

Tent Size

The first thing to consider when buying a new tent is the size of the tent that you will need. If you plan to camp with many people, you may consider buying a large dome tent. However, if you are going to be camping alone, or with only one other person a smaller tent may be sufficient. Other factors that contribute to the size of the tent that you will need include the amount of gear you plan to store in your tent and whether or not you plan to cook in your tent. You may want to add one or two persons to your tent capacity for these things.

Finally, tents are often heavier as they get bigger, so if you are going to be carrying your tent with you for long distances, such as when backpacking, you may want to buy a smaller lightweight tent. There are number of smaller dome tents intended for backpacking. For example, the popular Eureka 3 Person Mountain Pass Tent, which we supply at a great discount price, is designed for quick and easy set up and weighs just about 10 pounds.

Tent Material and Ventilation

The material from which your tent is made is also an important factor to consider. Dome tents can be constructed with fiberglass or aluminum-alloy poles. When buying a tent you will want to make sure the tent is designed for proper ventilation. For example, look for material that has a waterproof exterior and breathable interior layer. In addition, proper vent locations will allow for comfort in a variety of seasons. The Eureka Sunrise 11 is a family sized tent from the Eureka spacious Sunrise series. This 6-person dome tent is built with a heavy-duty 210D poly oxford floor. In addition, the Eureka Sunrise 11 Dome Tent has two mesh roof vents and high/low door vents to aid in air circulation.

Temperature Rating

A final feature to consider when buying a new dome tent is the temperature rating which the tent has been given. The following are the most popular weather ratings for dome tents:

  • All-Season Tents - These can be used all year, but are not intended for harsh winter conditions.
  • 2-Season Tents - These are also called summer tents, ideal for the leisurely family camper who camps most often in warm weather conditions.
  • 3-Season Tents - Three Season dome tents are versatile enough to be used throughout much of the year except for in the most extreme cold conditions.
  • 4-Season Tents - These tents are designed for the toughest winter climates.

At Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies, you will find a number of discount dome tents designed for a variety of weather conditions including the 4-season K-2 XT by Eureka. This 3-person tent is the roomiest and most popular Eureka 4 Season tent. This tent will stand up to the harshest winter conditions, but with new features like added high/low tent vents and scoop vents in the fly, this dome tent will also provide comfort in warmer weather conditions.