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Excalibur Crossbow

Excalibur has been manufacturing quality crossbows since 1983. Since the early days of the company, and even still today, Excalibur crossbows have been created with practicality and efficiency in mind. Designed from the experiences of avid crossbow hunters, Excalibur crossbows are designed to be the most efficient, reliable, and accurate hunting crossbows on the market. Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies, is proud to supply quality Excalibur crossbows to our customers. Through special deals with suppliers, we are able to pass low prices on these quality crossbows to our customers.

History of the Excalibur Crossbow

Excalibur was founded with the goal to produce quality crossbows and offer excellent service to crossbow hunters. After Excalibur founder, Bill Troubridge was unable to find a quality crossbow at his local sporting goods store, he concluded that to have the quality crossbow that he desired, he would have to make it himself. So Bill started out engineering his ideal crossbow. This crossbow when completed 3 years later, shot great. Others began to recognize Bill's exceptional engineering, and it was not long before they were asking for a crossbow of their own. After several years of struggling with prototypes and designs, the Excalibur Crossbow brand was created.

Since the early years, Excalibur has not stopped improving and changing their line of crossbows in an effort to make bows that are more efficient and accurate. One example of this was in 1991, when Bill abandoned his old wooden stock design, the Wolverine, for a lighter, composite stock crossbow, the Exocet, first in the "Exo" series of crossbows.

Popular Excalibur Crossbow Models

There are a number of Excalibur Crossbow Models currently sold today. Each of the Excalibur crossbow models sold for discount prices at Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies was developed by fellow crossbow enthusiasts. The top priority for Excalibur when designing a new crossbow is to make the most efficient crossbows, reliable crossbows, and accurate hunting crossbows available on the market today. The following are several of the popular discount Excalibur Crossbows that you can buy online through our website.

Excalibur Equinox Crossbow

The Excalibur Equinox Crossbow combines the raw power of the Exomax with speeds up to 350 FPS* with a new ergonomic thumbhole stock. The Equinox Excalibur Crossbow is designed with a reduced length to allow for easier cocking and steadier hold. This hunting crossbow comes with the optional "Lite-Stuff" package including everything you need for your new crossbow to be ready to use.

Excalibur Vortex Crossbow

The Excalibur Vortex Crossbow, with a shooting speed of 330 FPS* and 200 pounds of draw weight, reflects the perfect combination of cutting edge design and optimal performance perfect for even the toughest hunts. The Vortex Excalibur Crossbow has the power for the largest game. This Excalibur Crossbow is available with the famous Excalibur "Lite-Stuff" package.

Excalibur Phoenix Crossbow

The Excalibur Phoenix Crossbow is ideal for smaller stature crossbow hunters including women and children. This compact crossbow uses a 175 lb. forward mounted limb system to produce speeds greater than 305 FPS*. This compact Excalibur Crossbow has all of the benefits of a smaller crossbow without sacrificing the power you expect with an Excalibur bow. The Excalibur Phoenix Crossbow is available with the "Lite-Stuff" Package at discount prices online through our website.

Excalibur Vixen Crossbow

The Vixen Crossbow by Excalibur is designed as an optimal bow for smaller framed hunters. Women and children will enjoy hunting with the Excalibur Vixen Crossbow with its short, light draw. This compact crossbow offers a smaller size without compromising the durability and quality you expect from an Excalibur Crossbow. Like most Excalibur Crossbows, the Vixen is available with the popular "Lite-Stuff" Package.

Please feel free to browse our selection of Excalibur Crossbows and Excalibur Crossbow kits. We hope that every hunter will find the quality Excalibur Crossbow for which they are looking at affordable prices at Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies.

*Arrow speeds obtained by using a 350 grain arrow and the optional Flemish Dyna Flight string.