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Crossbow Scopes: An Introduction & Buying Guide

After purchasing a new crossbow, most bow hunters want to replace the basic standard sights that come on the bow with a quality scope. There are a variety of crossbow scopes and optics available on the market today from which to choose. It is important to realize that buying a high quality crossbow scope will make a difference. A high quality crossbow scope can influence your aim and impact your accuracy when taking a shot.

At Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies, we supply the following discount crossbow optics from top manufactures including:

  • Horton Crossbow Scopes
  • Barnett Crossbow Scopes
  • TenPoint Crossbow Scopes
  • Excalibur Crossbow Scopes

With our selection of discount crossbow equipment at Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies, you are sure to find the crossbow scope you desire at an affordable price.

Red Dot Crossbow Scopes

A red dot crossbow scope uses a small red LED indicator light to help shooters target their shot. Many hunters use red dot scopes with their crossbows because a red dot scope is both accurate and reliable with a crossbow as most shots taken will be less than forty yards. If you are looking for an affordable red dot crossbow scope, please check our selection of discount scopes.

Barnett Red Dot Crossbow Scope

Our low-priced RC-150 Crossbow Package comes with the Barnett Red Dot Crossbow Scope. This scope is designed to work well with the RC-150 Crossbow that shoots with arrow speeds up to 260 feet per second and 75 foot pounds of energy. The low prices offered here at Hunting, Shooting, Camping Supply make the Barnett Red Dot Crossbow Scope that comes packaged with the RC-150 Crossbow a great affordable red dot scope.

Multi-line & Multi-dot Reticle Crossbow Scopes

Experienced rifle hunters who have taken up the sport of crossbow hunting, may prefer to use a scope with crosshairs as this is what they are used to. We sell a variety of multi-line and multi-dot scopes designed specifically for crossbow hunting. Each of these crossbow scopes has several lines or dots in the reticle set at predefined distances. With a multi-line crossbow scope, you can select the proper target line to use based on the distance between you and the game. In this way, the lines or dots are used as yardage markers in this type of scope. The following are a few of the popular crossbow scopes that we supply at discount prices. In addition, some of our money saving crossbow packages provided on this page also include quality multi-line and multi-dot crossbow scopes.

Horton Gamemaster 4x32 Mult-A-Range SS047 Crossbow Scope

The Horton Gamemaster 4x32 Mult-A-Range SS047 Scope has four additional crosshairs resulting in a total of five predetermined reference spots that can be used when shooting varying distances. This quality multi-line scope can be used on crossbows with or without Horton's patented "Dial-A-Range" technology.

TenPoint 3x Pro-View Crossbow Scope

The 3x Pro-View Crossbow Scope by TenPoint combines the benefits of both a multi-line and multi-dot scope. This scope offers a unique 20, 30, and 40-range combination of crosshairs and illuminated dots with the dots positioned at the intersection of the duplex crosshairs. The 3x Pro-View Crossbow Scope is ideal for crossbows that shoot around the 300 fps range.

Barnett Crossbow Scope with Rings 4x32mm

The Barnett 4x32 Crossbow Scope with Rings has a five point, multi-reticle crosshair system. This versatile crossbow scope is ideal for mounting on all full-sized crossbows and includes .22 style mounting rings.