Diamond Knife Sharpener: Why buy a diamond-coated knife sharpener

Whether you are in the kitchen preparing a meal or outdoors on a hunting, fishing, or camping trip, a sharp knife can be your best tool. Therefore, a diamond knife sharpener can be an important piece of gear to supplement your set of outdoor equipment. A diamond knife sharpener is made of a base piece of plastic or metal covered in tiny pieces of industrial grade diamonds. As diamonds are one of the hardest naturally occurring substances, diamond coated knife sharpeners make excellent tools for sharpening a variety of knives used for hunting, fishing, camping, and even cooking.

At Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies, we sell discount diamond knife sharpeners in extra-fine, fine, medium, coarse, and extra coarse grits. If you want to buy a sharpener with a diamond coating for sharpening your fishing, hunting, or camping knives or blades, our selection of low priced tools will help you find just what you are looking for.

There are several unique reasons that make diamond knife sharpeners an excellent choice for sharpening knives. The following are some of the main reasons you should buy a diamond knife sharpener:

  • Diamond Sharpeners can sharpen nearly any material: Since diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring substance, they can be used to sharpen nearly every material blade including stainless steel blades.
  • Diamond Sharpeners save time: Due to the extreme hardness of diamonds, a knife sharpener coated in diamonds will quickly sharpen blades, saving you time.
  • Diamond Sharpeners help maintain waterstones: Waterstones, which are used to sharpen and polish knife blades can become worn or grooved after repeated use. A diamond coated sharpening tool can be used to redefine the edge of an old waterstone.
  • Diamond Sharpeners will not wear over time: Sharpening stones will become grooved or rounded after repetitive use, but a diamond stone will maintain a flat surface for sharpening.
  • Diamond Sharpeners can sharpen Carbide cutting tools: A diamond sharpener is the only type of sharpener, which can be used to sharpen Carbide cutting tools, which are commonly used in woodworking and machine shops.

Coarse Grit Diamond Knife Sharpeners

For sharpening knives that are very dull or damaged, a coarse grit diamond sharpening tool should be used. Coarse sharpening tools work well for sharpening knives or blades that take a lot of abuse and / or are not sharpened often. We sell a number of discount coarse grit diamond knife sharpeners for keeping your fishing, camping, and hunting knives in prime condition. Several of the coarse and extra coarse sharpeners you can buy online at discount prices include:

  • DMT Diamond Whetstone Bench Model –Coarse: This coarse diamond sharpener offers the innovative DMT pattern with recessed dots in the sharpening surface to collect small pieces of steel resulting in a more effective, faster sharpening.
  • DMT Diamond Mini Sharp X Coarse: This extra coarse diamond mini sharpener contains all of the power you would expect from a DMT Knife Sharpener in a convenient keychain size so you can take it anywhere with you.

Fine Grit Diamond Knife Sharpeners

A fine grit diamond sharpener is perfect for quick touch-ups on blades that are not too dull. Fine diamond sharpeners are also used to finish and polish a blade as the final step in sharpening. We sell discount fine and extra fine grit sharpeners from leading manufactures. The following are several fine and extra fine diamond knife sharpeners, which may be found on our website.

  • DMT Diamond Steel Sharpener – 12” Fine: This traditional styled butcher's steel contains a fine diamond-coated surface that results in an even smoother more defined edge.
  • Lansky Fine Diamond Pad on 6” Handle: This sharpener's 1.875” x .75” diamond coated pad and sturdy rubber over-molded handle makes it the perfect instrument for sharpening many types of hunting, camping, and fishing tools and knives.

Double-Sided Diamond Knife Sharpeners

A double-sided diamond knife sharpener offers two diamond sharpeners in one unit. Tools such as the Lansky Double-Sided Folding Diamond Sharpening Paddle with Medium and Fine grit surfaces are convenient and great for everyday sharpening of knives and tools.

Diamond Knife Sharpening Systems

Diamond Knife Sharpening Systems contain several hones ranging from fine to coarse grits. One example of a discount diamond knife sharpening kit you can buy at a discount price from Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies is the Lansky Sharpeners Diamond Standard Sharpening System. This sharpening kit contains all of the tools you will need to sharpen even the hardest steel blade to perfection.