Gerber Knives

Gerber Knives are created by the Gerber Blades Company, founded in 1939 and dedicated to building the tools, knives, and outdoor gear needed to get any job done. Gerber Blades was founded as a result of the increasing popularity of some kitchen knives given as Christmas Gifts from Gerber Advertising. Therefore, in 1939, Joseph Gerber abandoned his advertising company and began to produce his quality Gerber Blades as a business. Now with a product line including all types of outdoor tools and equipment, such as LED lighting, personal hydration systems and of course quality knives and tools, Gerber Blades has become a company well trusted to meet every outdoorsman's needs.

At Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies, we are proud to sell a variety of Gerber knives and tools at discount prices to our valued customers. Through a series of contracts with manufactures and distributors, we are able to bring low-priced outdoor knifes and tools to our loyal customers. If you are looking to buy discount knives from Gerber Blades, we are the store for you.

Axes, Saws, and Shears by Gerber Blades

We supply a wide variety of Axes, Saws, and Shears designed by Gerber Blades. Each of these quality outdoor tools offers the optimal performance you would expect from any of the Gerber knives or tools. If you are looking for quality tools for your next camping, hunting, or hiking trip, our discount axes, saws, and shears manufactured by Gerber Blades are perfect for you.

Gerber axes are made from forged steel resulting in an edge that will hold its sharpness and shape over time, just what you would expect from any of the quality Gerber knives. Each axe is balanced and weighted for the most efficient impacts. The handles on all Gerber axes are glass filled giving you a quality handle that is nearly impossible to damage or break. At Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies, you can buy the following axes online at discount prices:

  • Gerber Gator Combo Axe with Fixed Blade Knife securely fitted inside the axe handle
  • Gerber Back Paxe
  • Gerber Sport Axe
  • Gerber Camp Axe

Saws manufactured by Gerber Blades offer the same great quality found in all Gerber knives. These saws include a number of valuable features and modern technology. The following are a few of the Gerber Saws we supply at low prices.

  • Exchange-a-Blade Saws: With this Gerber saw you can switch between a fine tooth and course cutting blade so you will have just the right tool for every job.
  • Double Joint Folding Gator Saw: The Double Joint Folding Saw by Gerber Blades folds into the handle for safe and easy transportation. This 13” blade saw can be packed just about anywhere.
  • Gerber Gator Saws: This line of quality Gerber Knives are designed with a sturdy all steel construction and Gator textured grip for a safe non-slip hold in wet or dry conditions.

Fixed Blade Gerber Knives

Fixed Blade Gerber Knives are manufactured especially for hunting and camping. Fixed blade knives are by design, stout and sturdy knives. Each Gerber Fixed Blade Knife is created with a high-carbon stainless steel using a variety of handle materials including wood, stag, and the patented Gerber Soft Grip Technology. If you are looking to buy discount Gerber Knives for your outdoor activities, the selection of discount Gerber knives sold online at Hunting, Shooting, Camping Gear is sure to meet your needs. With fixed blade knives including blunt tip, drop point, fine edge, gut hook, serrated, and tanto, you will find a low-priced knife by Gerber Blades that is ideal for every situation in which you may find yourself.

The LMF II ASEK Fixed Blade Knife in Coyote Brown, is just one example of the many quality Gerber Knives we supply. This 10” survival knife is as versatile as you are, and it can go from one job to another without breaking or bending.

Folding Blade Gerber Knives

Folding blade knives by Gerber Blades make the perfect everyday multi-purpose knives. These Gerber knives offer exciting designs along with a sharp blade, trusted secure lock, and sturdy handle to help you with just about any job. We are proud to supply a variety of discount Gerber folding blade knifes to our valued customers and fellow outdoorsmen. One example of the versatile folding blade knives we sell at discount prices includes the popular Paraframe Folding Knife. This lightweight knife, which is available in stainless steel and stainless with a black Titanium finish, comes with either a fine edge blade or serrated edge.

Machetes by Gerber Blades

The Gerber Gator Machete and the Gator Machete Jr. are both quality Gerber Knives made with a fine edge blade on one side and a high performance saw on the other. These machetes can both be found at discount prices online at Hunting, Shooting, Camping Gear. So if you are looking for a discount machete with the strength to get any job done, these Gator Machetes by Gerber Blades will make an excellent tool for your outdoor trips.

The Gator Brush Thinner is a Gerber knife designed for the toughest situations. With its uniquely designed carbon steel blade, this knife is perfect for hunting, camping, and hiking in the backwoods. A non-stick coating on this blade makes the Gator Brush Thinner the ideal tool for clearing brush from a tree stand or near a stream.