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Horton Crossbow

Horton Crossbows: A History Based in Tradition and Innovation

It was nearly fifty years ago when Bernard Horton, skilled gun maker and sportsman, realized the great potential that existed in the crossbow industry. At that time, no one had previously devoted the time and engineering needed into developing accurate and powerful crossbows. Horton realized he had an opportunity to redesign the crossbow to make it an effective hunting tool. Horton began experimenting with crossbow designs for his personal use, but it was not long before others wanted to purchase the new crossbows. With that, the Horton Crossbow was born.

Product DescriptionPricePreview
Explorer HD 150
Horton Crossbows Only
$360.00Explorer HD 150
Scout HD 125
Horton Crossbows Only
$282.67Scout HD 125
Tacoma 150 w/Quiver
Horton Crossbows Only
$174.67Tacoma 150 w/Quiver
Hunter Elite Quiver, Black
Horton Crossbows Only
$21.18Hunter Elite Quiver, Black
Legend HD 175
Horton Crossbows Only
Available OptionsQuantity
Scope Package0
Red Dot Package0
Legend HD 175 Red Dot PackageLegend HD 175
Summit HD 150
Horton Crossbows Only
Available OptionsQuantity
Red Dot Package0
Value Package0
Summit HD 150 Value PackageSummit HD 150
Legacy 175
Horton Crossbows Only
Available OptionsQuantity
Bow Only,(Realtree Hardwoods, Green)8
Legacy 175 Scope Package2
Legacy 175Legacy 175
Team Realtree 175 Scope Package
Horton Crossbows Only
Available OptionsQuantity
Team Realtree 175 Red Dot Package0
Team Realtree 175 Scope Package0
Team Realtree 175 Scope PackageTeam Realtree 175 Scope Package
ReCon 175 Package
Horton Crossbow Packages
$1,277.42ReCon 175 Package

From the very beginning, a Horton Crossbow was designed for efficiency and accuracy. The first of Horton’s crossbow designs were rugged, compact, and accurate, a common theme that is carried on today with each new Horton Crossbow model. Horton focused on applying the knowledge he possessed of advanced shooting technology to improving accuracy of each crossbow. Even today, Horton Crossbows are a leader in the crossbow industry combining latest technology with the needs of a modern hunter in an effort to advance the sport.

At Hunting, Shooting, Camping Supplies, we are proud to sell a variety of quality Horton Crossbows and Horton Crossbow Packages. Each Horton Crossbow we sell online at discount prices is engineered with the latest technology in order to satisfy your needs. Horton incorporates long-standing traditions with the most modern innovations resulting in optimized performance. We are certain you will be able to find the crossbow designed to fit your hunting needs with our selection of discount Horton Crossbows. If you are unable to find an item, or have any questions about products sold on our site, please feel free to contact us.

Why Buy a Horton Crossbow?

The following is a list, which Horton has developed, providing twelve reasons to buy a Horton Crossbow.

  1. Forgiveness – a Horton Crossbow is designed to compensate for your form on each shot so you do not have to be an expert to deliver the perfect shot.
  2. Accuracy – Horton Crossbows have a smooth cam operation that results in improved accuracy.
  3. OS Cam Technology – with the OS Cam Technology in every crossbow designed by Horton, you have the ability to time it, tune it, and forget it.
  4. Draw Length – Horton’s unique modular system and micro-adjustment capability allows each crossbow to be adapted to any draw length.
  5. String Maintenance – with a Horton Crossbow, you will not need to use a bow press.
  6. Risers – Horton uses premium machined risers on all of their models.
  7. Perfect Fit Ergonomic Grip – this feature prevents hand torque when shooting a crossbow.
  8. VaporTrail Customer Strings – these are standard on most Horton Crossbow models.
  9. TunerZ – the Horton TunerZ comes standard on all crossbows to help remove oscillation and vibration.
  10. Legacy of Successful Competition – Horton Crossbows have a history of being used by shooters to win hundreds of national titles.
  11. Years of Carefree Use – each quality crossbow designed by Horton is backed by Horton’s excellent customer service and warranty.
  12. Performance + Quality + Price = Best Value in Industry.

Popular Horton Crossbows and Horton Crossbow Packages

The following are some of the more popular Horton Crossbows you can buy at discount prices at the Hunting, Shooting, Camping Supplies website. These and all of the discount crossbows you will find on our website are sure to be the perfect supplies for your next hunt.

  • Horton Legend HD 175 Crossbow – The Legend Series was introduced in 1998 and has become the most popular line of Horton Crossbows. This bow has an adjustable butt-plate and a comfortable oversized forearm with fully camouflaged stock.
  • Horton recon 175 Crossbow – This Horton Crossbow is compact, well balanced, and powerful with its frontal string technology. The lightweight recon 175 Crossbow offers a collapsible stock and vertical grip.
  • Horton Legacy 175 Crossbow – The Horton Legacy line is an all-new line of recurve crossbows that represents a return to the beginnings of the Horton Crossbow brand while still offering all the conveniences of modern crossbow technology.
  • Horton Summit HD 150 Crossbow – A Horton Summit Crossbow is perfect for hunters who are new to the sport or just on a budget. This crossbow has enough power and accuracy for even the most demanding hunts, and at Hunting, Shooting, Camping Supplies, you can buy this crossbow at the most affordable prices.