Laser Sights

Why use a Laser Sight

Using a laser sight with your firearm offers added benefits when training and in self-defense situations. A laser sight has multiple applications when training on several critical elements of shooting a firearm. The most important benefit of using a laser sight with your pistol or rifle when teaching is that it allows both the instructor and trainee to see exactly where the weapon is aiming. This makes it possible for the teacher to determine whether movement is a result of trigger squeeze or lack of a steady hold. The immediate feedback obtained from using a laser sight is ideal for any training situation and can even result in quicker learning times.

Using a laser sight can also be helpful in self-defense situations. In self-defense situations, where you are often startled and alarmed, the use of a reliable laser sight can provide the added confidence you need. When faced with an emergency situation, often training is forgotten and the body goes into a panic mode. With the use of a laser sight on your handgun, you will be able to see exactly where your weapon is aiming allowing you to confidently take the required shot if needed. In addition, often you will find that when an intruder sees you take aim with a laser sight, they will surrender knowing that you are capable of firing a gun.

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Popular Laser Sights

At Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies, we sell popular laser sights from a number of leading manufactures at affordable prices. If you are looking to buy discount laser sights for handguns or shotguns, feel free to browse our selection of quality low-priced lasers. The following are several of the discount sight lasers for sale online through our website.

  • LaserMax Laser Sights
  • Laserlyte Laser Sights
  • Aimshot Laser Sights
  • Umrex Laser Sights
  • Burris Laser Sights
  • Command arms Accessories Laser Sights
  • Walther Laser Sights
  • Alpec Laser Sights

Types of Laser Sights

There are several styles and varieties of laser sights available today for airguns, handguns, and shotguns. If you are looking to buy a handgun laser sight, you can choose between either a red or green laser and laser sights with LED flashlights attached. In addition, laser sights can mount in a variety of locations including rear sight lasers and ergonomic laser grips.

Air Gun Laser Sight

At Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies, we sell a variety of lasers for all styles of air guns at low prices. For example, the UMAREX Shot Spot Universal Laser with Cord Switch can be mounted on either a Picatinny or Weaver rail system. This affordable air gun laser sight is perfect for use with both air pistols and air rifles. Another discount airgun laser sight that can be purchased online is the Walther PPK airgun laser designed for use with the CP Sport, CP99, and the Nighthawk. All of our discount laser sights for air guns offer exceptional value at an affordable price.

Rear Sight Laser

A rear sight laser, such as the LaserLyte Rear Sight Laser, is an ideal choice for those looking for a quality laser sight for Glocks. This sight fits all Glock firearms. In addition, due to the rear mounting properties of this sight, it can be used without replacing your existing grip or holster.

Ergonomic Laser Grips

Ergonomic laser grips are designed with activation switches in the most convenient locations so you do not have to adjust your grip in order to operate the laser sight. One example of an ergonomic laser sight is the Sabre Series by LaserMax. Each of these quality laser sights is designed to feel comfortable in your hand when firing while not altering your aim or grip.

Red Dot Laser Sights

The standard red laser sight dot stands out in the darkest night and in a variety of other situations. A bright red laser dot from a quality laser sight allows you and others to easily where your firearm is aimed. We sell a variety or red dot laser sights at discount prices on our website including:

  • The AimShot Red Laser Kit for Pistol or Rifle
  • The LaserMax Glock Sights
  • The LaserLyte Laser Bore Sighter

Green Laser Sights

Green laser sights are a newer trend in pistol and shotgun sights. These were developed because the color green is more visible to the human eye than red. Therefore, green lasers often appear brighter than red lasers making them extremely efficient laser sights for use even in daylight. At Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies, you can buy several models of AimShot green laser sights at discount prices.