The MultiVault line of safes by GunVault are reliable and secure safes ideal for storing handguns and other valuable items. Due to their larger size, with exterior dimensions of 10.1” W x 7.9” H x 14” D, MultiVaults can be used to secure multiple handguns or a variety of valuable items including documents, such as passports, wills, and birth certificates, and other personal items of value like watches or jewelry. If you are looking for a larger safe to safely store your valuables, our selection of discount MultiVault gun safes, may provide an affordable vault to meet your needs. Please feel free to browse our selection of GunVault safes including the MultiVault Standard, MultiVault Deluxe, and MultiVault Biometric. Each of these quality safes can provide the ideal security for your firearms giving you the peace of mind you desire.

MultiVault Standard

The MultiVault Standard with its two-shelf design is ideal for storing multiple handguns or a variety of personal valuables. If you are looking for a secure safe for your valuables, a GunVault MultiVault is an ideal choice. Available at Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies, at low prices, these gun safes will provide the safety and security for your firearms that you desire. The following features make a MultiVault Standard the ideal safe:

  • A GunVault MultiVault is built with solid construction from 16-gauge steel. In addition, these safes have a high-strength lock that offers dependable security.
  • The MultiVault Standard gun case is designed to prevent theft with a built-in computer to block access after repeated invalid keypad entries. This computer will also use a tamper indicator to alert you of incorrect entry attempts.
  • MultiVault safes are battery powered for easy portability. In addition, these safes can mount in almost any direction for optimal convenience.
  • Use of the optional high-strength security cable allows you to secure your vault temporarily in a number of locations including at home, in the office, in the car, or at a motel.
  • GunVault's unique No-Eyes Keypad offers quick and easy access to your handgun and valuables with an optional audio feedback to confirm correct keypad entries.

MultiVault Deluxe

A MultiVault Deluxe offers all of the great security features found in the MultiVault Standard. This upgraded model also includes the following convenience and security features:

  • A motion detector with alarm helps to deter tampering.
  • An audio low battery warning prevents power loss to the safe.
  • An interior light allowing for convenient access to handguns stored in the vault.
  • A power connection jack allows for connection to both AC and DC power supplies.

Because of these valuable features, upgrading to the Multi Deluxe model will offer additional protection for your valuables. If you are interested in buying a GunVault, the discount MultiVault Deluxe safes sold at Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies are an ideal choice for storing multiple handguns.

MultiVault Biometric

The MultiVault Biometric offers many of the same convenience and safety features found on the MultiVault and MultiVault Deluxe models. A Biometric MultiVault employs fingerprint recognition as the ultimate security measure to open this safe. With the ability to store up to 30 fingerprint sets, this gun vault provides optimal security for handguns and other important valuables. In addition, the advanced fingerprint recognition technology used by GunVault has the ability to both update slight changes to fingerprint sets that might occur over time and distinguish variations between enrolled fingerprint sets. If you want to buy a MultiVault Biometric to store multiple handguns in a safe and secure location, the low priced vaults sold here are an excellent choice.