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Personal Sound Amplifier

For over 20 years, Walker’s Game Ear has been manufacturing hearing enhancement and hearing protection devices. The company’s line of products includes personal sound amplifiers that both enhance the sounds of the natural environment and protect your ears from damaging loud noises. Walker’s Game Ear manufactures personal sound amplifiers ideal for the following situations:

  • Personal sound amplifiers for hunting in the field
  • Personal sound amplifiers for use at the shooting range
  • Personal sound amplifiers for everyday use
  • Personal sound amplifiers for at work in factories and on construction sites
Product Description Price Preview
Ultra Ear
Walkers Game Ear Electronic
$10.34 Ultra Ear
Ultra Ear (ITC) Pair
Walkers Game Ear Electronic
$21.37 Ultra Ear (ITC) Pair
Digital Hybrid Duo
Walkers Game Ear Electronic
$604.84 Digital Hybrid Duo
Power Muffs
Walkers Game Ear Electronic
Available Options
Quad, Black
Digital Quad, Black
w/AFT, Black
Quad, Realtree HD Green
  Power Muffs
Digital Game Ear (ITC)
Walkers Game Ear Electronic
Available Options
Digital ITC, Right Ear
Game Ear HD
Walkers Game Ear Electronic
Available Options
  Game Ear HD
Power Muffs
Walkers Game Ear Electronic
Available Options
Quads w/Adjustable Frequency Tuning Orange
w/Adjustable Frequency Tuning Mossy Oak
w/Adjustable Frequency Tuning Realtree
w/Adjustable Frequency Tuning Orange
Replacement Batteries
Walkers Game Ear Batteries & Chargers
Available Options
Air Cell, ITC Only
Air Cell, BTE Only
"N" Alkaline, Electronic Muffs
  Replacement Batteries
Replacement MicCover
Walkers Game Ear Electronic
Replacement Earplug
Walkers Game Ear Electronic
$3.67 Replacement Earplug

At Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies, we sell a variety of Walker’s Game Ear products perfect for use by outdoorsman when hunting or shooting. Our discount personal sound amplifiers include both in the ear hearing devices and power muffs designed to protect from loud noises and allow you to take in the sounds of nature. In addition, you can buy personal sound amplifier accessories and replacement parts for discount prices on our website. Please feel free to browse our selection of Walker’s Game Ear products to find the hearing protection supplies for your hunting and shooting needs.

Electronic Personal Sound Amplifier Muffs

We sell a variety of electronic muffs manufactured by Walker’s Game Ear. Each of the personal sound amplifiers that we sell at discount prices will offer every hunter the optimal quality and performance he demands.

Power Muffs

All of the Walker’s Game Ear electronic Power Muffs are designed for optimal hearing enhancement and protection. These personal sound amplifiers allow shooters to tune in to specific sound frequencies and custom adjust their muffs to meet their own hearing needs. Hearing protection muffs enhance your hearing with one high-frequency microphone on each side each with independent volume controls to allow you to determine from which direction each sound originates. These ultra light weight Walker’s Game Ear Power Muffs are sure to please any hunter or shooter.

Power Muff Quads

The Walker’s Game Ear Power Muff Quads offer all of the sound protection found in the standard Power Muffs with four high frequency microphones. The high frequency microphones on these personal sound amplifiers are located with two on each side to help you determine sound direction on a 360-degree scale. While offering excellent hearing protection from loud, dangerous sounds, the Power Muffs Quads from Walker’s Game Ear provide the ultimate in directional sound identification.

Power Muff Digital Quads

Digital Quad Power Muffs by Walker’s Game Ear offer four digital quality high frequency microphones. These personal sound amplifiers are the ultimate hunter or shooter’s tool. With two-channel digital circuitry, these muffs offer excellent hearing protection and exceptional sound quality and speech clarity. Great for hunting, shooting, and tactical uses, the Power Muff Digital Quads are personal sound amplifiers that allow you to hear subtle sounds of distant game and clear directions from instructors.

Behind the Ear (BTE) Personal Sound Amplifier Devices

The Walker’s Game Ear Behind-the-Ear hearing enhancement and protection devices are easier to handle than the small in-the-ear products but still discrete and effective. Features of these quality sound amplification devices include premium digital signal processing, advanced sound management, and noise suppression. A behind-the-ear unit offers a sound activated compression circuit to protect hearing from dangerous loud sounds including muzzle blasts. You will find the following Walker’s Game Ear Personal Sound Amplifiers at discount prices on our website.

  • Walker’s Game Ear HD I
  • Walker’s Game Ear Digital HD II Pro
  • Walker’s Game Ear HD IV
  • Walker’s Game Ear Ultra Ear BTE

In the Ear (ITC) Personal Sound Amplifier Devices

We supply a variety of Walker’s Game Ear In-the-Ear personal sound amplifiers. These in-the-ear devices are great for hunting, shooting, and even everyday use. In-the-Ear hearing enhancement instruments are small and discrete, designed to sit entirely in the ear. Created extremely small and lightweight, you will hardly notice these sound amplifiers. Like the other Walker’s Game Ear hearing protectors and enhancers the In-the-Ear instruments offer sound activated compression to protect your hearing from dangerous noises. You can buy the following sound amplification devices at low prices at Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies.

  • Walker’s Game Ear Ultra Ear ITC Hearing Enhancer
  • Walker’s Game Ear Digital ITC

Personal Sound Amplifier Replacement Parts

At Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies you will find a number of discount Walker’s Game Ear hearing enhancer and protector parts and replacement accessories in addition to the selection of personal sound amplifier devices. We sell affordably priced Walker’s Game Ear replacement Batteries for all sound amplification devices, replacement MicCovers for covering the microphones on Power Muffs, and Replacement Sound tubes and Earplugs for behind-the-ear hearing devices.