Trap Shooting Accessories

Trap Shooting is one of the most popular forms of clay target or “clay pigeon” shooting in the United States today. This activity is performed as a sport on its own or as target practice for hunting ducks and other birds. At Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies you will find all of the trap shooting accessories you will need to practice this sport including trap throwers by Do All Traps, hand throwers, and more. If you are interested in buying quality trap shooting accessories, please feel free to browse our selection of discount merchandise from brand name manufacturers.

Hand Throwers

The most basic and inexpensive of trap shooting accessories is the simple hand thrower. With a hand thrower, a second party throws each clay target at which the shooter will then shoot. Hand trap throwers are an affordable option for beginner trap shooters and hunters who trap shoot on occasion to practice their hunting skills. Hand throwers are also ideal trap shooting accessories for shooters who travel and shoot in multiple locations. The following are some quality hand throwers you can buy online at discount prices through our website:

  • Super Sport Hand Thrower by Campion Traps & Targets
  • Big Yellow Hand Thrower by Do All Outdoors

Trap Throwers

Trap Throwers range in price by the different capabilities offered and maximum throwing distances achieved. A quality trap thrower is an important trap shooting accessory for any trap shooter. At Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies, we sell discount trap throwers by Do All Outdoors and Champion Traps & Targets.

Our selection of trap throwers by Do All Outdoors includes the following product lines:

  • Pro ¾ Cock Trap Throwers: The Pro ¾ Cock Trap Throwers are designed to stand up to commercial abuse and are made with the sturdiest materials.
  • Backyard ¾ Cock Trap Throwers: Backyard ¾ Cock Trap Throwers will throw clay targets up to 70 yards in any direction, and are ideal for the weekend shooter.
  • Full Cock Trap Throwers: Full Cock Trap Throwers return to a full cock position after each shot. This makes them the most convenient non-automatic trap thrower and a must have trap shooting accessory for many.
  • Automatic Trap Throwers: Automatic Trap throwers by Do All Outdoors are the ultimate trap shooter accessory.

Trap Throwers by Champion Traps & Targets are also among the many quality trap shooting accessories we sell at discount prices on our website. Trap throwers manufactured by Champion Traps & Targets offer professional-grade traps at the casual shooter's price. The discount traps by Champion Traps & Targets sold at Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies include:

  • Flightmaster Jr. Trap Thrower
  • ¾ Cock Trap
  • High Fly String Release Trap Thrower
  • Match Bird ¾ Trap with Seat

Wobbler Kit

Wobbler Kits are the perfect trap shooting accessories for those who trap shoot as practice for hunting ducks and other flying game. Wobbler Kits can be mounted to any Do All Trap Thrower allowing your trap to be rotated on an axis and pointed in any direction. The Aerial Assault Wobbler Kit transforms an automatic trap shooter to generate the variety and uncertainty that is seen in real life hunting situations. Wobbler kits are also an ideal trap shooting accessory for experienced shooters who want to add additional challenge to the sport.

Trap covers

After spending the money to purchase a quality trap thrower and trap shooting accessories, you will want to protect these accessories from the elements. We recommend our discount Outdoor Green Trap Cover or Do All Automatic Trap Thrower Cover as great accessories to protect your trap throwers.

With our selection of low-priced trap shooter accessories from leading manufactures, we hope that you are able to find the quality accessories you need. As always, we thank you for shopping at Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies. If you do not see the trap shooting accessories for which you are looking at discount prices on our website, we encourage you to contact us today.